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Why Arcana Network?

Arcana Network is on a mission to build an ecosystem of components that enables dApp users to build Web3 applications quickly, and securely with full data sovereignty and privacy for the dApp users.

This is totally unlike Web2, where user data is owned by applications themselves and users have no control over who sees or accesses their data.

Privacy-Preserving Applications 🔐

If you are building Web3 applications or dApps that require complete data privacy, and security, the Arcana Network Platform does the heavy lifting for you. Onboard your dApp users easily and provide them with blockchain and smart contract-powered access to distributed Arcana Store with complete data privacy and ownership.


In the future, the Arcana Network Platform will provide fully decentralized storage for dApp users.

At Arcana, we take security, privacy, and ownership seriously. We are actively working towards tracking and plugging in any vulnerabilities in our solution.

If you'd like to see a quick overview of the architecture and key components involved, refer to the How it works? section. For implementation details, refer to Arcana Network Technical White Paper v1.0.


If you prefer to immediately jump into integrating your dApp with the Arcana Network right away, see the Arcana Quick Start guide. 🚀

Build dApps faster 🚀

As a Web3 application developer, you can focus on core application logic while delegating essential tasks related to end-user onboarding, signing blockchain transactions, and data management to Arcana.

1. Onboard dApp users effortlessly 🏂

Easily plug in popular signup/login mechanisms in your dApps and lower the barrier to entry into the Web3 ecosystem.

2. Securely manage end users' data privacy 🌐

Enable data sovereignty and ownership for your dApp users. Users have full control over who accesses their data and for how long.

3. Sign blockchain transactions securely 🔗

Allow dApp users to securely sign and approve storage operations that are powered by blockchain. Enable data encryption, decryption, and signing without exposing end users to Web3 complexities.

Flexibility & Choice 🪧

Tailor your dApp user experience as per your use case and target audience. Use only those Arcana Network SDKs that best fit your needs.

Here are some example use cases:

  • If your dApp users are not comfortable in setting up their third-party wallet to use a Web3 application, simply plug in Arcana Auth SDK to authenticate them and then start using your Web3 application to store data on decentralized storage.
  • If you need data encryption for ensuring user data privacy along with the comfort of a familiar onboarding experience through social authentication and passwordless login, use Arcana Auth SDK.
  • If you need to enable dApp user data privacy, and sovereignty, powered by the Arcana Network blockchain, use Arcana Storage SDK.
  • If your dApp users are comfortable using a third-party wallet and would like to continue to use that for signing Arcana storage operations, you can seamlessly provide a signing experience with a third-party wallet to dApp users. The Arcana Storage SDK works with third-party wallets to provide data privacy and access control.
  • If you'd like to ensure user approval is sought for any user operation that triggers blockchain operation without bothering the user with the other wallet features offered by a typical Web3 wallet, you can utilize the Auth SDKs 'Wallet Visibility' setting. It allows developers to control the user blockchain signing experience whereby minimal wallet interaction is enabled which is essential for any dApp functionality.

For more insights on when to use which SDK, check out this guide.

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