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Using Arcana NFT Viewer

Arcana Network SDKs support Private NFT creation by dApp users. The dApp developers can use Arcana Auth and Storage SDKs for enabling dApp users to create or mint NFTs, or view them.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Arcana NFT Viewer to view private NFTs.


  • User must have access to a valid DID that belongs to a private NFT in order to preview it.

  • A valid wallet account for any of the supported blockchain wallets:

    • MetaMask
    • WalletConnect
    • Arcana Wallet

  • User must prove ownership before they can download and view the file data associated with the private NFT for the specified DID. Ownership can be proven by connecting Arcana's NFT Viewer to any of the supported wallets. The account selected in the wallet must be the same as the one which created the private NFT or received its ownership via a transfer from the minter.


Check out this video tutorial that explains how to view your private NFT using Arcana NFT Viewer dApp:


Step 1. Access NFT Viewer Portal

Click on the link below to access Arcana's NFT Viewer.

Arcana NFT Viewer grey download

Step 2. Enter a valid DID

You will see a disabled View NFT button and a text field to enter the NFT's DID. Once you enter a valid DID, the View NFT button gets enabled.

Arcana NFT Viewer enabled download

Click on it to see a preview of the NFT associated with this DID.

NFT Preview

You can take a peek at what the private NFT contains but cannot download it yet. The Download button is disabled in the Arcana NFT viewer. Go to the next step and prove ownership before you can download the NFT.

Step 3: Prove NFT Ownership

You need to prove NFT ownership before you can download and view the actual NFT file content. Click on Connect Wallet link and choose the account that created the private NFT.

Choose a Wallet to prove ownership

Make sure that the wallet you choose has the associated NFT token with this DID. Also, make sure your wallet is connected the correct blockchain network 'Arcana Network'.


If you used a different account to upload this NFT to the Arcana Store, make sure you select the correct account or import the account details into your wallet.

Once your wallet is connected to the NFT Viewer site, if you are the true owner of this DID and NFT, you will see that the Download File button in the Arcana NFT Viewer is enabled as shown in the figure below:

Metamask wallet


A true owner of the private NFT is the one that either:

  • uploaded the file to Arcana Store and minted the NFT, or
  • received file ownership via a change owner or NFT transfer by the original owner.

Step 4: Download NFT

Click on the Download File button and obtain the original NFT. If you are using a third party wallet, you may see additional pop up windows asking you to sign this storage operation for downloading the private NFT, in order to approve the transaction.

Metamask sign popup

Voila! 🎉

After a successful download, you can now view the NFT using the appropriate file type viewer.

What's Next?

After viewing your NFT, you can choose to perform other actions such as transacting the NFT using any third-party open marketplace. Besides managing private NFTs, you can also use Arcana SDKs to easily onboard dApp users by enabling social authentication or passwordless login in your dApp.

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