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Using Third-party Wallet with Storage SDK

Arcana Storage SDK provides data privacy and access control for any dApp data uploaded in Arcana Store. All storage access operations require blockchain transaction signing and approval. You can use Arcana Auth SDK to obtain a standard Ethereum provider and use that in your dApp for allowing users to sign or reject storage operations. Alternately, if you wish to use third party wallets, the following are supported:

In this tutorial you will learn how to use one of the supported third party wallets for signing blockchain transactions in the context of Arcana Storage SDK.


  • You must have an account in one of the supported wallets.


At a high level, you simply need to setup and configure one of the supported third party wallet to work with Arcana blockchain. After that simply integrate your dApp with Storage SDK and start using storage functions. The Storage SDK will automatically use the configured wallet.

Step 1: Set up third-party Wallet

Use your browser to login to the third party wallet. Make sure your wallet is connected to Arcana Network. See Third Party Wallet Configuration Guide for details.

Step 2: Integrate with Storage SDK

After you have configured your third party wallet to work with the Arcana Network, you can integrate your dApp with Arcana Storage SDK.


If you choose to not use Arcana Auth SDK and use a third party wallet provider, you cannot use the Dashboard Auth settings for Wallet UI, to control a third party wallet signing experience for the dApp user. The dApp configuration setting in the Auth tab of the configuration screen has a wallet-UI mode setting. This is meant solely for managing dApp user blockchain signing experience when Auth SDK and Arcana wallet are used. This setting does not control blockchain signing experience when using any third-party wallets.

What's Next?

After configuring the third party wallet to work with Arcana Network, you can use any Arcana Storage SDK features such as uploading a file to Arcana Store or download, share, revoke access, delete etc., in your dApp.

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