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Store with Third-party Wallet

Arcana Storage SDK provides data privacy and access control for any dApp data uploaded in Arcana Store.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use one of the supported third-party wallets for signing blockchain transactions in the context of the Arcana Storage SDK.


Arcana Storage SDK requires the standard Ethereum provider to sign blockchain transactions for storage operations. This requirement for an Ethereum provider can be met in one of the following ways:

  • Integrate the dApp with the Auth SDK and use the Arcana wallet (recommended)

  • Setup and use one of the supported third-party wallet providers:


    If you are using a third-party wallet, then you cannot manage user experience for signing Arcana blockchain transactions, unlike with the embedded Web3 Arcana wallet offered by the Auth SDK.

For every dApp user action that triggers a blockchain transaction, the wallet displays a user request to review and approve the transaction. The dApp developer can use the alwaysVisible wallet visibility setting during Auth SDK instantiation to manage whether the wallet will always show up on the dApp or if it will only show up when a blockchain transaction is triggered. Other third-party wallets do not allow this level of control whereby dApp developers can manage user experience for signing blockchain transactions.



  • You must have an account in one of the supported wallets.


At a high level, you simply need to set up and configure one of the supported third-party wallets to work with the Arcana blockchain. After that simply integrate your dApp with the Storage SDK and start using storage functions. The Storage SDK will automatically use the configured wallet.

Step 1: Set Up Third-Party Wallet

Use your browser to log in to the third-party wallet. Make sure your wallet is connected to Arcana Network. See Third Party Wallet Configuration Guide for details.

Step 2: Integrate with Storage SDK

After you have configured your third-party wallet to work with the Arcana Network, you can integrate your dApp with Arcana Storage SDK.

What's Next?

After configuring the third-party wallet to work with Arcana Network, you can use any Arcana Storage SDK features such as uploading a file to Arcana Store or downloading, sharing, revoking access, deleting, etc., in your dApp.

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