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Storage SDK

unauthorized_userTrying to download a file which is neither owned by you nor shared with you.
only_file_ownerOnly the owner of the file have access to the function i.e, either to delete, revoke or transfer file etc.
non_active_userYour account is either disabled or deleted.
non_registered_userYour account is not registered for the app.
only_factory_contractOnly factory contract has access. The access can be to add new app or setup app level limit i.e, storage and bandwidth.
no_app_spaceYour current app's storage or bandwidth limit has been consumed.
no_user_spaceYou have already consumed your storage or bandwidth limit.
non_trusted_forwarder_or_factoryFor meta-transaction, transaction should happen from valid factory or forwarder contract.
file_already_uploadedYou cannot upload a file that is already uploaded by a different user address.
zero_file_sizeYour file size must not be null while uploading.
only_storage_nodeOnly assigned storage node has access to the function.
zero_validityYou do not have access to this file. This can happen if the file is not shared with you, or the access timer has expired or the access has been revoked by the file owner.
avoid_sharing_file_themselvesAvoid sharing file to themselves.
already_sharedFile is already shared with the user.
file_not_foundFile with the specified DID does not exist in the Arcana Store.
no_file_accessAccess not granted by current user.
invalid_addressaddress provided is not valid or zero address.
file_ownership_transfer_to_same_addressNew owner cannot be same as old owner while changing file owner.
invalid_app_IDMake sure you specify the correct app ID assigned to dApp after configuration at the dashboard

app_not_found: "Configure the app at

only_gateway_node: "Only gateway node has access to the function.
invalid_function_signatureMeta-transaction failed. The function you are trying to call does not exist. Check the function signature.
DID_NFT_linkedDID is linked with NFT.Hence, ownership transfer of file cannot be done.
DID_NFT_linked_and_cannot_be_deletedDID is linked with NFT. Hence, file cannot be deleted.
DID_NFT_are_already_linkedDID and NFT are already linked. No need to link again.
NFT_owner_DID_owner_mismatchNFT owner and did owner are not matching.
already_in_UI_modeAlready in UI mode. No need to set again.