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State of the Network

The State of the Network provides a snapshot of where the Arcana Network platform is in its current phase of development. Developers can take a quick look and figure out whether they can begin integrating, what is supported now and what is in the pipeline.

Latest Release

Arcana Network Beta 1.2 comprises of three key components:

  • Arcana Auth SDK
  • Arcana Storage SDK
  • Arcana Developer Dashboard
Latest SDK Release

Check out Arcana Release Notes. Also refer to the latest Auth SDK Reference Guide and Storage SDK Reference Guide.

For details on the latest SDK release and past versions, see Auth SDK Release page and Storage SDK Release page on GitHub. To receive notifications when a new release for Arcana Auth or Arcana Storage is published, watch releases.

Mode of Operation

Arcana Network is built and operates using Proof of Stake (PoS) Polygon Edge Network.

Beta Testnet

  • Arcana Network is in a Beta Testnet state and almost nearing the Mainnet launch.

  • All the nodes running the Arcana Network protocol are owned by Arcana. In the future, this will change to a fully decentralized setup.

  • All data residing on the Arcana Store is geographically distributed across storage nodes. These nodes are also owned by Arcana. All storage nodes running the Arcana Store will also be decentralized, in the future.

  • During the Beta Testnet stage, any data residing in the Arcana Store may not be persistent across releases. 🚫 Not recommended for production use or to store any data that is not backed up elsewhere.

Network Nodes

Network MetricsBetaMainnet
# Protocol Nodes721
# Storage Nodes (per region)6TBD
# Distributed Key Generator Nodes3TBD

Arcana Node Infrastructure Providers

AWS light AWS Dark

Native Token

XAR (Coming Soon!)


Mainnet Roadmap

We are actively working towards the Arcana Mainnet release, later in 2022.

Validator Nodes

Our plan is to have at least 7/21 nodes in the Mainnet release via Arcana trusted partners. We will onboard our partners as validators that will set up and manage their own validator node infrastructure.

Storage Providers

We are working on a mechanism to onboard trusted storage providers in a move to decentralize the Arcana Store. It is a post-Main net release item on our list.

Storage Limits

Arcana Network Storage SDK limits the total storage used by all users of a dApp to a maximum of 5GB in the initial release. If your dApp requirs to raise this limit, contact Arcana Support Team.



All data stored in Arcana Store is encrypted via secure keys. The encrypted data is accessible only to the data owner. Arcana Network platform components do not store any keys that belong to the dApp user. Data is decrypted only at the client end after user verification.

Arcana uses the asynchronous verifiable secret sharing and proactive crypto systems distributed Key storage scheme by Cachin et al. (2002). In the future, we plan to use asynchronous distributed key generation (DKG) and improved file transfer ownership using ZK-SNARK for verifiable encryption and key sharing.

Protocol Audit

Nodes running the Arcana protocol are not audited yet. We are in working with security auditors as we gear up for the Mainnet launch.


The alpha release offered a distributed DKG and that had its well-known shortcomings. Arcana actively collaborates with leading cryptography experts and researchers to fold recent advances in 'Asynchronous DKG' technology into the Arcana Network platform.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Mainnet release!

Supported Browsers

Arcana Network SDKs can be integrated by dApps that work on one of the supported browsers:

  • Chrome 103 or higher
  • Brave v1.41 or higher
  • Safari 15.6 or higher

Dashboard Login

The dApp developers can log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard via one of these supported social authentication mechanisms:

  • Google
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • GitHub

Auth SDK

User Onboarding Options

The Arcana Auth SDK allows dApps to integrate and onboard users via one or more of the supported user authentication mechanisms:

  • Discord
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Twitch
  • Twitter

Besides social authentication, a passwordless login option is also available to onboard dApp users.

Arcana Wallet

Supported Blockchains

Arcana wallet is an embedded web wallet offered by the Auth SDK. It allows dApp users to sign and send transactions for the following EVM-compatible blockchains:

  • Arcana_Dev
  • Arcana_Testnet
  • Ethereum_Goerli
  • Ethereum_Mainnet
  • Ethereum_Sepolia
  • Polygon_Mainnet
  • Polygon_Mumbai_Testnet

For more details, see Supported Chains.

Storage SDK

Data Types

The following file (blob) data types are supported by the Arcana Storage SDK (Client-side JS library):

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Sound
  • Program
  • Compressed

Supported Web3 Wallet Providers

The Arcana Storage SDK depends on the standard Ethereum provider interface to sign blockchain transactions for storage operations. This interface is offered by the Arcana wallet. To use the Storage SDK, Arcana recommends using the embedded Web3 Arcana wallet that is part of the Auth SDK.

Here is a list of supported third-party wallets.

Supported Storage Providers

At present, Arcana manages all the storage. We plan to decentralize Arcana Store and enable third-party storage providers in the future.

Private NFT Minting

Supported Networks

The dApps can integrate with Storage SDK for creating private NFT assets. The following blockchain networks are supported for creating private NFT assets:

  • Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet)
  • Mumbai (Polygon Testnet)

Supported Third-Party Wallets for NFT Minting

  • MetaMask
  • Arcana wallet