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React/Vue Integration

At Arcana Network, we would like to help dApp developers get started quickly. If you are developing a React or a Vue dApp, we have you covered.

This guide describes how you can integrate Arcana SDKs in your dApp using sample integration dApps.

These sample integration dApps demonstrate how you can use React or Vue framework based JavaScript/TypeScript dApps and integrate with Arcana Auth and Arcana Storage SDKs.

These samples do not call any other Auth or Storage SDK functions. For a full-fledged app using all functions, see Demo App.

Get Started

Install Sample dApp

You can install the sample integration dApp using the instructions below:


git clone
cd basic-storage-wallet-integration-react
npm install


git clone
cd basic-storage-wallet-integration
npm install

Reuse Sample Integration Code

You can copy and paste relevant sections of the sample integration app code to enable Arcana Auth and Arcana Storage features in your dApp.

Refer to the sample integration code on GitHub:

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