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Beta 1.1 Release

What's New


If you were using the Arcana Network Beta 1.0 release, we highly recommend that you refer to the Beta 1.0 -> Beta 1.1 Migration Guide and move to the latest Beta 1.1 release.

Auth SDK (v0.1.2)

New iconNew iconDeprecated iconDeprecated icon
  • Arcana wallet enhancements
    • Out-of-the-box support for the following blockchains:
      • Arcana Testnet
      • Ethereum Goerli
      • Ethereum Mainnet
      • Ethereum Sepolia
      • Polygon Mainnet
      • Polygon Mumbai Testnet
    • Add custom network
    • Switch between configured networks
    • Submit transactions to a configured network
    • Check gas estimation for Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, Polygon Testnet
    • Deploy contracts using Arcana wallet onto any supported chain
    • Add ERC-20 tokens (custom tokens or select from a list of popular tokens)
    • Send & receive native currencies or ERC-20 tokens
    • View the history of transaction activities on any chain
    • Remove support for 'no-UI' mode - The developer cannot disable the wallet screen from showing up altogether but choose from 'Full UI' or 'Widget' visibility modes.
    • Minor UI/UX fixes:
      • improved navigation icons
      • variable height for the Arcana wallet to support different screen sizes
      • wallet screen opens to the notifications page when a new blockchain transaction request arrives

Storage SDK (v 0.3.14)

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  • Simplified methods to upload, download and access files
    • No need for uploader, downloader, and access objects
    • Simply use functions exposed by the StorageProvider and the StorageProvider.files
  • TUS-based upload that could be resumed, is not supported anymore.
  • Upload of duplicate files is now allowed
  • Switch/Add network if the Storage SDK is initialized using a non-Arcana Network
  • Message body updated - Sign transaction request message now displays method name and other details on the Arcana chain
  • Improved error handling


New iconNew icon New iconNew icon
  • Multiple dApp support enables developers to create and configure more than one dApp.
    • Support to display per dApp metrics: Number of users, storage, file actions
    • Each dApp is now identified via App Address
  • Passwordless login does not require any dashboard configuration
  • Arcana wallet visibility mode setting for the 'no-UI' option removed from the dashboard Auth tab

Get Started

Ready to dive in? 🤿

See Arcana Network Quick Start Guide. You can begin with sample dApp template and follow the tutorial for integrating with the Arcana SDKs. We also have a fully integrated demo dApp that integrates with Arcana SDKs to build social authentication and data privacy functionality for the users.

If you'd rather go through step-by-step instructions, see how to integrate with Auth SDK and how to integrate with Storage SDK guides. Check out the sample dApp integration example with the Arcana SDKs for React,Vue dApps.


Refer to FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide and other developer resources or contact Arcana Support. For more details, refer to the state of the Arcana Network.