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What's New

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  • Auth SDK

    • Enable dApp user onboarding via social authentication, passwordless login
    • Manage user experience for signing blockchain transactions related to Arcana Store data access
    • Enhanced security, no private key exposed, familiar web2 user experience for securely signing storage access operations
    • Support for data encryption / decryption
  • Storage SDK

    • Complete dApp user data privacy
    • User controls who accesses their data, when and for how long.
    • Secure file data ownership transfer
  • Developer Dashboard

    • Register and configure your dApp for integrating with Arcana SDKs
    • Allows dApp branding
    • Monitor Arcana Network storage usage statistics for your dApp

Browser Support

  • Chrome (Mobile, Desktop)
  • Brave

Third-party Wallet Support

  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect

Network Support

In the beta release, Arcana Auth and Storage SDK work with Ethereum, Polygon, and any other EVM-compatible chains. What this means is that developers can build their dApps and choose any chain to deploy their dApp smart contract.

Get Started

Ready to dive in? 🤿

See Arcana Network Quick Start Guide. You can begin with sample dApp template and follow the tutorial for integrating with Arcana Auth and Storage SDKs. We also have a fully integrated demo dApp that integrates with Arcana SDKs to build in social authentication and data privacy functionality for the users.

If you'd rather go through step by step instructions, see how to integrate with Auth SDK and how to integrate with Storage SDK guides. Refer to these fully functional samples that demonstrate SDK integration:

  • Integrating with Arcana Auth and Storage SDK React,Vue

Questions? Refer to FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide and other developer resources or contact Arcana Support.


If you were using Arcana Network Alpha release, we highly recommend that you refer to the Alpha -> Beta Migration Guide and move to the latest Beta release.