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Public Data

The Arcana Storage SDK allows users to upload data and classify it as public or private. By default, all data that is uploaded to the Arcana Store using the upload API of the Storage SDK, is [private](/docs/private]. Refer to the Storage Usage Guide for details on how to upload a file and classify it as public.

All user data is stored as file blob data type in the Arcana Store.

Public data is accessible by any user if they have access to the uploaded file's DID. No user authentication is required to access public data. Data classified as public is uploaded to Arcana Store as is with no encryption for data at rest. Public data can be linked or referenced via URLs of the form:<DID>

The Arcana DID Explorer can be used to view files that are public by specifying the assigned file DID.

In contrast to the public files that can be accessed by anyone with the DID URL, the private data is fully access controlled. Check out differences between public and private data.