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Private Data

The Arcana Storage SDK allows users to upload data and classify it as public or private.

All user data is stored as file blob data type in the Arcana Store.

Private data refers to the highest and most strict form of data access control. By default, all files uploaded by dApp users are classified as private. All private data is encrypted at rest while being stored in the Arcana Store. Only the owners of data are allowed to access it. The data owner has full control over private data. To access private data, a dApp user must be authenticated and have adequate access rights.

Data owners can choose whether and for how long the private data is shared with a specified user. They can revoke access, delete data or transfer data ownership to another user.

Each file uploaded into the Arcana Store is represented by a unique identifier, the file DID. Any private file can be viewed, downloaded, and accessed using the Arcana DID Explorer by specifying the file DID. All private file DIDs can be accessed using a URL of the form:<DID>

Private files are access-controlled but anyone can access public data in the Arcana Store by specifying the file's DID. Check out differences between public and private data.