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Developers can use these sample code resources to quickly get started with using Arcana SDKs.

Code SamplePurpose
Sample dApp TemplateUse this as a starter kit to build a dApp.

The starter dApp uses Vite build tooling and Vue JavaScript framework. Once you plug in Arcana SDKs in this starter dApp, and add in the requisite code, this dApp will work similarly to the Sample Demo dApp.

Watch the video tutorials to learn how to integrate a dApp with the Arcana Auth and the Storage SDK.
Sample Demo dAppThe sample Demo dApp is a working, full-fledged Vue dApp that integrates with the Arcana Auth and the Storage SDK.

It configured using the Arcana Developer Dashboard to allow user onboarding via social authentication and passwordless option. Users can log in, upload files to the Arcana Store, download them, share files, revoke access, delete them or change the file owner.

Refer to the sample integration code on GitHub:

Use this as a very basic sample to see how to integrate any dApp with the Arcana SDKs.

No other functionality or SDK feature is enabled in this sample.
UI TemplatesThe UI template can be considered as a boilerplate for a simple dApp with all of the necessary layouts and buttons. Developers can use these templates and quickly integrate with Arcana Auth SDK without bothering about which UI framework to use.

For example, use the passwordless-login-template template to onboard dApp users via email verification. Change the App Address in the script.js file to the one assigned to your dApp by the Arcana Dashboard. Similarly, to check out Arcana wallet-based Google OAuth, use the arcana-wallet template and change App Address in the index.js file.

If you do not wish to add any user interface code in our dApp to onboard users, you can simply use the Arcana Auth SDK plug-and-play authentication feature. It allows dApp users to onboard your application using a pop-up UI displayed in the current dApp's context.