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Developers can use these sample code resources to quickly get started with using Arcana SDKs.

Code SamplePurpose
Sample dApp TemplateThis is a starter kit, a Vue dApp template that is intended as a tutorial to help you figure out how to integrate Arcana Auth and Storage SDKs. It is a generic dApp template that uses Vite build tooling and Vue JavaScript framework. Once you plug in Arcana SDKs in this starter dApp, it will work similar to Sample Demo dApp.
Sample Demo dAppA full fledged Vue dApp that integrates with Arcana Auth and Storage SDKs. It allows dApp users to use social authentication mechanism to login and upload to or download files from the Arcana Store. Users can also share files, revoke access, delete them or change file owner.

Refer to the sample integration code on GitHub:

Basic sample code demonstrating how a dApp could integrate with Arcana Auth and Storage SDK. No other functionality is invoked from the respective SDKs.