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Arcana NFT Viewer

Can dApps implement their own NFT viewers?

Yes, dApps can use Arcana Auth and Storage SDK and enable users to create NFT assets and save them in the Arcana Store. The dApps can build a NFT viewer or add file explorer features that allow file owners to view, download, share, revoke access or change NFT file ownership.

A dApp can only allow viewing or preview display or management of NFT assets that are owned by users of that particular dApp.

How is Arcana NFT Viewer functionality different from what a dApp can offer?

Arcana NFT Viewer allows users of any dApp to preview the public metadata for any private NFT, such as preview image, title, etc., as long as that private NFT is stored in the Arcana Store. It also allows owners of a private NFT to download it after proving ownership using any of the supported wallets.

On the other hand, a dApp can only access and display NFTs that are created by its users. It cannot access NFTs created in the Arcana Store by the same user through a different dApp.