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Dashboard Configuration


Why can't I upload logo file?

Make sure the file is less than 2MB limit for a successful upload.

How do I change the logo file that I uploaded earlier?

Click on the 'x' icon next to the uploaded logo file. You will see a notification about successful deletion of the file. Click on the upload icon and upload a new logo file.

How do I delete dApp configuration and start afresh?

Use the Delete button in the Controls section. You will be asked to confirm the delete action. You dApp registration will be cancelled and appID assigned to your dApp will no longer work. You can log into the dashboard again and create a new dApp and register it, configure it and obtain a newly assigned appID. This fresh appID can be used by the dApp to integrate with the Arcana SDKs.


Is it mandatory to specify all configurations in the Auth section?

If you intend to integrate your dApp with the Arcana Auth SDK, you must specify at least one social authentication mechanism for onboarding dApp users. Other than that, no configuration is mandatory.

Can a dApp enable more than one authentication mechanism?

Yes. The dApp developer can enable one or more social authentication mechanism and passwordless login, if their use case requires it. This will allow dApp users to use any of the supported authentication mechanisms to log into the dApp easily with the comfort and familiarity of web2 application onboarding experience.

What functionality does Wallet UI setting control?

Wallet UI setting controls the user experience for signing blockchain transactions for storage access operations for data residing in Arcana Store. These operations include downloading a file, sharing a file, deleting a file, revoking access, or changing file ownership.

By default, Wallet UI is disabled. What this means is, user experience is similar to web2 whereby no additional UI pops up for signing each transaction when a user performs a file access operation. All access operations are automatically signed and approved once they are initiated by a dApp user. While integrating with the Arcana Auth SDK, the dApp developer can choose to specify appMode setting to control the type of Wallet UI, if the Wallet UI configuration is enabled at the Dashboard for a dApp. By default, if no appMode is specified during Auth SDK initialization, then the blockchain transaction signing experience will comply with the Wallet UI setting at the Dashboard. If Wallet UI setting is disabled (default) and no appMode is specified during Auth SDK initialization, there will be no UI popup during blockchain transaction signing process. If Wallet UI setting is enabled and no appMode is specified during Auth SDK initialization, then a widget UI with minimal information about the storage operation will pop up. User will be required to approve / sign it or reject it.For details, see wallet UI modes

Once enabled why can't I disable Wallet UI setting anymore?

By default, the dApp configuration setting for WALLET UI mode in the Auth tab of the dashboard is disabled. Developers can choose to enable it for their dApp.

Once enabled, it cannot be changed back to disabled state for a particular dApp. This is for ensuring security in this specific scenario.

Assume that a developer configures their dApp initially with WALLET UI mode as enabled. In this case, the dApp end users will get used to signing for every Arcana Store storage operation transaction request that is made for this dApp. Later, if the developer changes the WALLET UI configuration setting to 'No UI' modes, the dApp will no longer display any UI to the end user for signing requests.

This is where the security vulnerability could arise. A malicious actor could make requests on behalf of this dApp users. In this case there will be no WALLET UI displayed as the setting has changed at the dashboard. To the dApp end users, it may appear that no request has been initiated as the UI will stop popping up. In this situation, the dApp user is unaware of the change at the dashboard and Wallet UI behavior from UI → no-UI. But in fact, the dApp will internally be auto approving every request without displaying any UI.

To avoid such a scenario where a dApp could trigger requests to send funds from the user to another account with auto-approval and no UI, it is not allowed to change dashboard WALLET UI setting from UI -> no-UI.

For details on how WALLET UI setting and appMode parameter during Auth SDK initialization affect dApp user's blockchain transaction signing experience, see wallet UI modes


This limitation on WALLET UI reconfiguration does not avoid the case where a malicious dApp uses disabled WALLET UI setting from the very start and allows transactions on behalf of the user with auto-approval and no UI.


Why is Storage Region setting disabled?

At the time of registering your dApp you are required to choose a storage region where your dApp user data will be physically stored. You register your dApp by specifying its name and creating a new entry for your dApp using the dashboard. Once this process is done, you cannot change the storage region configured for your dApp. The Store section of the dashboard simply displays the region that you chose during registration of dApp.

The only way to change storage region setting, once configured, is to delete your dApp from the dashboard and start a fresh registration.


Does Chain type selection impact dApp user data privacy?

No. In the Beta Release, this setting is simply for gathering user preference and prioritizing feature development and enhancements in Arcana Network SDKs. It does not impact user data privacy in any way.