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Configure Arcana Dashboard

Are you trying to build user onboarding and data privacy features in your dApp? To do that, dApp developers must first register their dApp using the Arcana Dashboard.

Arcana Developer Dashboard is a console meant for dApp developers. It is used to register the dApp and configure Arcana SDK usage as per the dApp requirements.

After registering and configuring the dApp using the dashboard, dApp developers can begin integrating the dApp with Arcana SDKs. This configuration guide describes various configuration settings available in the dashboard and how you can set those up for your dApp-specific use case.


After configuration, each newly created dApp is assigned a unique App Address.

Developers must supply this App Address as an SDK initialization parameter to integrate with Arcana Auth SDK and Storage SDK.


To use the dashboard, developers are required to log in using one of the supported social authentication mechanisms.

Make sure you have one of these accounts already set up:

  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Twitch
  • Discord

Using Arcana Developer Dashboard


Visit Arcana Network Developer Dashboard:

Choose one of the social authentication mechanisms or passwordless login options displayed on the welcome screen to log into the dashboard.

Welcome screen


Arcana Network allows developers to login into the dashboard using any of the supported social authentication or passwordless login options. It identifies and aggregates multiple social account identities of the developer and manages it internally as a single Arcana identity.

What this means is that if a developer logs in to the dashboard using say Google, Twitter, or Twitch where each of these accounts belonging to the same developer is linked using the same email ID, then all these multiple login accounts used by the developer will be treated as a single user. If the social accounts use different email IDs then these accounts may belong to the same developer but Arcana Network will consider subsequent logging in from these different social accounts as a new Arcana Dashboard user. In this scenario, if there were any dApps configured by the same developer via dashboard login through provider A, then those will not be accessible to the same developer via dashboard login through provider B.


Arcana Network protocol aggregates multiple social account login identities of dApp users.

What this means is that if a user logs in through different social authentication methods (Google, Twitter, Twitch) where the same underlying email is used, then different social accounts of this same user will be treated App Address a single user account.

Subsequent logins into the dashboard using a different social media account belonging to the same user will simply bring up the same dashboard screen with already configured dApps.

Register dApp

If this is your very first login to the dashboard, you will see the Create New App wizard. This wizard will help you register your dApp with the Arcana Network and configure your dApp settings.


Provide the following details to register your dApp:

  • Enter the dApp name
  • Select your Storage Region

Register dApp


Storage Region:

Storage region setting is a one-time configuration at the Arcana Developer Dashboard:

Developers will be asked to choose a storage region or keep the default setting at the very first login into the dashboard. The dApp storage region, once specified, cannot be altered.

The only way to change the storage region is to delete the dApp from the dashboard and configure it afresh.

However, developers are allowed to reconfigure the dApp later, for other settings such as updating user storage limit values or adding/removing social authentication providers.

Configure dApp

Developers can configure dApps using the various tabs in the dashboard. Each tab corresponds to the Arcana Network platform component or general settings.

Click on the tabs below to see various configuration settings available in the dashboard. Specify the requisite values in each tab as per your dApp use case or use defaults, as applicable.

  • Application name, branding/logo customization
  • Control to delete the dApp record from the Arcana blockchain

  • General Settings

Other than storage region setting for the dApp, the developer can reconfigure any dApp setting at a later time. To reconfigure, visit the dashboard and click on the Configure menu item on the top right of the screen.


Arcana Wallet:

Arcana Auth SDK provides the embedded Web3 Arcana wallet for signing blockchain transactions. The dApp developers can manage the user experience for signing blockchain transactions pertaining to user data storage operations and other blockchain transactions on EVM-compatible networks as well, for e.g., transfer or sending native tokens, etc.

This user experience for signing blockchain transactions using the Arcana wallet is controlled by the input parameter alwaysVisible. At the time of instantiating the AuthProvider, the dApp developer can enable or disable alwaysVisible to control whether the wallet is always visible on the dApp window or only pops up when a user action triggers a blockchain transaction that requires the user's approval.

In the early releases of the Auth SDK, there was an option provided to disable the wallet UI from showing up altogether. It is no longer supported from the Beta 1.1 release onward.

See Arcana wallet visibility modes for more details. Also, check out how to configure Arcana wallet guide for details.


You can locate App Address assigned to your dApp on the top right of the dashboard.

App Address

Monitor dApp Usage Metrics

You can monitor dApp storage usage statistics via the dashboard.

After successfully configuring your dApp using the dashboard, you can view dApp resource usage metrics per application.

Dashboard metrics

Dashboard FAQ

If you are a new user, check out Arcana Dashboard FAQ for any Arcana Network usage queries or write to us: