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Storage SDK

Integrate your dApps with Arcana Storage SDK for user data privacy and access control. Use Arcana Developer Dashboard to register and configure your dApp.

<StorageSDKName/> Diagram <StorageSDKName/> Diagram

  • User Data Privacy:

    • Store and Retrieve data in file format
    • The dApp developer can configure where user data is stored and what are the per user allowed storage limits
    • Any data uploaded by dApp user (owner of the data) is encrypted and stored in Arcana Store
    • Data is divided into multiple chunks or shards and stored across multiple nodes
    • Only data owner can download and view/access the data
    • Neither the dApp nor any Arcana Network entity has access to user data ensuring complete user data privacy and ownership
  • Access Control:

    • Only the dApp user that owns data in Arcana Store can decide who gets access to what data and for how long
    • Data owner can delegate data access control to another entity - dApp developer if they choose to
    • Data owner can control all access to data:
      • share data with another user
      • revoke access to shared data
      • transfer data ownership to another user
      • delete data
      • get a list of users who have access to shared data