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Arcana NFT Viewer

Arcana NFT Viewer allows users to view private NFTs created using the Arcana blockchain protocol. It also allows owners of a private NFT to download it.

You can access Arcana NFT viewer at:

Arcana NFT Viewer Portal


Check out this video tutorial on Arcana NFT Viewer:

How NFT Viewer works?

NFT Viewer allows file owners to view and download the underlying asset by specifying its DID.

  • Users can log into one of the supported wallets for authentication before they can preview or download a file.

  • Any user with a valid DID is allowed to simply see the 'preview' image associated with the file. They cannot download the file. Only the file owner can download a file.

  • File owner can share access to a file in Arcana Store with other Users. The recipients can download the file using the file DID.

About NFT transactions

Arcana's NFT Viewer is not meant to initiate an NFT transfer by the owner, it is simply a viewer. It shows any user the preview of the file associated with the DID. However, it ensures data privacy and allows downloading a file only by the rightful owner. A rightful owner could be NFT creator or a user that received an NFT ownership transfer from the original user.

The NFT file ownership can be transferred as part of a NFT transaction using any third party marketplace application such as OpenSea, Rarible( Such changes are properly recorded by the Arcana Network.

The NFT Viewer takes into account any such ownership changes before allowing a user to download a file residing in the Arcana Store.

Viewing NFTs after Transaction

The NFT asset will show up in Arcana's NFT viewer when a DID is specified by the user. Once a private NFT is sold to another user, the original user can use DID to see a preview image but cannot download it anymore as they cannot prove ownership for that file any longer.

Arcana Network blockchain bridges listen for any such ownership change transactions related to these minted NFTs. When such a transfer occurs, the Arcana bridges orchestrate requisite access control changes on the Arcana blockchain.