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Arcana NFT Minter

Arcana NFT Minter is a dApp that integrates with Arcana Storage SDK and allows users to create private NFTs powered by Arcana the blockchain.

You can access Arcana Private NFT Minter at:

Arcana NFT Minter Portal


Check out this video tutorial on Arcana NFT Minter:

How NFT Minter works?

In terms of access control features, a file uploaded by a dApp user in the Arcana Store is no different from the underlying asset of a private NFT. One can share access to the NFT & transfer ownership just like normal files. At the same time it has the benefits of conventional NFTs in terms of listing on exchanges and ease of interoperability.

Simply uploading the file into Arcana Store does not make it a private NFT. Further processing is required to convert an asset uploaded by the user into a private NFT.

Arcana NFT minter enables users to upload a file to the Arcana storage network, associate metadata to the file & mint a corresponding private NFT on Polygon testnet Mumbai. Once minted, it also ensures that there is a link between the token and Arcana layer so that any transfers that take place on Mumbai testnet correspondingly updates Arcana's chain.

Once a private NFT is created, it can be transacted in any marketplace such as OpenSea. The Arcana Network bridges listens for private NFT transactions and makes subsequent updates to the ownership of the underlying asset on Arcana's chain. Note, the NFT minter does not support marketplace related features (listing, bidding, transferring ownership). It is solely for the purpose of minting a private NFT.

The NFT minter uses Arcana Smart Contract. It differs from any standard blockchain ERC721 minting techniques with regards to the following code:

  function _beforeTokenTransfer(
address from,
address to,
uint256 tokenId
) internal virtual override {
super._beforeTokenTransfer(from, to, tokenId);
IBridge(bridgeContractAddress).transferData(to, address(this), tokenId);


If you choose to use your own smart contract instead of Arcana Smart Contract, make sure you add this function. For details, see here.

It is important to add this functionality in your custom contract to ensure that the Arcana Bridge captures any transactions on the private NFT that is minted in a third-party open marketplace. This requires corresponding private NFT asset ownership to be updated in the Arcana layer for every transaction that happens to the asset listed in the marketplace. The asset listed in the marketplace is only a preview and not the original asset. That is secure in Arcana Store and can be accessed or downloaded only by the rightful owner.