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Keystore offers distributed private key that can be retrieved by dApp and used for signing blockchain transactions or for encrypting, decrypting user data. This key is not owned, accessible or stored in Arcana infrastructure. It is created using distributed algorithms and stored in multiple chunks across a quorum of participating nodes. These participating nodes are selected based on Arcana Network protocol (TBD). The protocol ensures that even if some nodes are not available, the private key can be generated and also re-constructed when required by dApp. For implementation details, see [Arcana Technical White paper][Arcana Technical White Paper Ref].

Arcana Keystore is a library that provides interfaces to obtain distributed keys for use in blockchain and smart contract based dApps.

Arcana Auth SDK is a wrapper over Keystore library and used to obtain a secure, distributed secret or key that can be used by dApp users for signing blockchain transactions.