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Auth SDK

The Arcana Auth SDK can be integrated with a dApp to enable user authentication and signing blockchain transactions. It offers an embedded Web3 Arcana wallet that can be used to sign Arcana Network blockchain transactions for data access control. It also supports other EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

The dApp developers must use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to register and configure the dApp before integrating it with the Auth SDK. The figure below highlights key features offered by the Arcana Auth SDK.

Auth SDK Diagram Auth SDK Diagram

Key Features

  • User Authentication:

    • Onboard dApp users easily with familiar Web2 experience of social authentication and passswordless login
    • Easy to onboard Web3 dApps without having to manage keys and secrets
    • Plug-and-Play authentication to login users with a single line of code
  • Arcana Wallet:

    • Configure and manage user signing experience with various Arcana wallet visibility modes
    • Allow dApp users to securely sign Arcana blockchain transactions for controlling access to user data
    • Configure and switch between configured blockchain networks and accounts
    • Execute blockchain signing transactions as well as send transactions for any EVM-compatible blockchains
    • The dApp users have the ability to buy, swap, and send tokens using the Arcana web wallet.