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A Bridge in Arcana ecosystem is the standard 'bridge' entity in blockchain meant for connecting two different kinds of chains. Bridge facilitates transfer of information and tokens between different blockchains. Why do we need bridges? Ethereum evolution and performance scaling happens via protocols and chains layered on the base one. These chains need to communicate in order to create larger platforms for dApp developers that can work across chains. Bridges are the entities that help achieve inter-chain information and asset transfers.

In the Arcana Network ecosystem, bridges are the key to offering NFT ownership transfers. These NFTs are stored on Ethereum blockchain and metadata related to their ownership and file data is stored with Arcana blockchain. Any transfer of these NFTs from one owner to the other within a blockchain or across it requires Arcana metadata updates for upkeep of ownership records and managing data privacy, security of access for the new owner. This communication and NFT transfer is processed through Arcana Network bridge.