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Auth SDK

If you integrate with the Arcana Auth SDK and use social or passwordless login option for dApp users, you may encounter the following errors. These errors are based on actions, data input by dApp end user for authentication.

Auth SDK errors

wallet_not_initializedWallet is not initialized. Please run await wallet.init() before calling any other wallet functions.
user_not_logged_inUser is not logged in. First trigger user login and after successful authentication, you can use wallet functions.

Passwordless authentication errors

origin_and_redirect_not_foundYou have not specified credentials origin and redirect url on the Arcana Developer Dashboard.
redirect_mismatchRedirect specified on the dashboard does not matches the one in request.
origin_unauthorizedOrigin specified on the dashboard does not matches the one in request.
origin_invalidOrigin specified on the dashboard is not a proper url.
authorize_params_missingMissing one or more required params.
login_token_already_usedLogin token is invalid or has already been used.
login_token_not_foundLogin token not found in query params.
login_token_invalidLogin token is invalid.
user_token_not_foundUser token not found in header or query.
user_token_invalidUser token is invalid.