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A blockchain wallet allows users to store and manage cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs.

Arcana Auth SDK provides a familiar, easily pluggable Web2 onboarding experience for dApp users. It also offers the Arcana wallet, a simple, lightweight, configurable, embedded Web3 wallet experience for dApp users. The Arcana wallet is different from the typical, standalone full-fledged Web3 wallets.

Originally, Arcana wallet functionality was meant for signing data privacy and access control-related blockchain operations executed via the Arcana Storage SDK. The new improved Arcana wallet supports the Arcana blockchain as well as other EVM-compatible blockchains. The dApp developers can use the Arcana wallet to interact with any supported blockchain network through the standard Ethereum JSON RPC specification.

Key Features

  • Sign blockchain transactions
  • Check account balance
  • Add, send, and receive custom tokens
  • Add, and modify the network configuration
  • Switch to a different network
  • View Arcana wallet account transaction activity such as how many native or custom tokens were sent, received, or ERC20 contracts deployed
  • Use the provider interface to call any standard Ethereum JSON RPC specification methods

In the future, the Arcana wallet will also support the following features:

  • allow dApp users to permit dApp developers and see their profile data such as email ID, profile picture, and user name.
  • allow dApp user to export their private key in order to import their Arcana wallet account to a third-party Web3 provider.
  • allow dApp users to choose to export their blockchain account from the Arcana Network with an option to remove it altogether.

Not Supported

The Arcana wallet does not allow a dApp user to import any blockchain account created using a third-party wallet provider.

Wallet Usage Configuration

The dApp developers can use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to configure the Arcana Auth SDK and choose the preferred user onboarding mechanisms. The embedded Web3 Arcana wallet can be configured at the time of integrating the dApp with the Auth SDK. While instantiating a new AuthProvider, the developer can choose one of the available wallet user experiences through the alwaysVisible input parameter and manage the dApp user experience for signing blockchain transactions. See Arcana wallet visibility mode for details.


Blockchain Network Switching Behavior

Depending upon the configured Arcana wallet visibility mode setting for the dApp, the network switch behavior may vary.


Addition of New Network Configurations

New blockchain network configurations can be added programmatically by dApp developers and they are stored and retained. At dApp runtime, if the dApp user adds a network configuration to the Arcana wallet, those are stored locally and not retained across Arcana wallet log-in sessions. The dApp user will be required to add those configurations again if they are not already configured by the dApp developer.

Check out Arcana wallet configuration guide for details.