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When do I use it?

Are you wondering whether to integrate your dApp with the Arcana Auth SDK or the Storage SDK or both?

Don't worry!

Here are some insights for you to figure out which Arcana SDKs best suit your specific dApp requirements.

dApp Requirements or use caseIntegrate with these Arcana SDKsScenario

➡️ Enable Web2-like easy onboarding experience to dApp users through social authentication, passwordless login

➡️ Allow dApp users to sign blockchain transactions securely without having to manage keys or set up a wallet or learn Web3 onboarding norms unless they wish to or are ready for the same

➡️ Use secure EIP-1193 standard Ethereum provider and enable dApp users to sign Arcana Storage blockchain transactions.

➡️ Configure blockchain signing experience for the users by controlling when and at what position in the dApp window wallet is displayed in the dApp context.

AuthFor example, if you wish to enable one or more popular social authentication mechanisms in your dApp, simply register your app on the Arcana Developer Dashboard, configure dApp settings and then integrate with the Auth SDK.

➡️ Enable dApp users to own their data and control any access to their data. Allow users to perform data upload, and download operations in your dApp

➡️ Allow data owners to share file data with other users, revoke access to shared data, change file owner and delete file

➡️ Monitor storage usage metrics, allow file owners to list files uploaded by them or shared with them


For example, if your dApp requires access to private, distributed storage, or if your use case requires creating and storing NFTs or any data files, integrate your dApp with the Storage SDK.

Prerequisite: To initialize the Arcana Storage SDK, you need the standard Ethereum provider. This provider is used for signing blockchain transactions related to storage operations in the Arcana Store.

For accessing the provider, you can either integrate with the Auth SDK or use a third-party wallet provider.



You can choose to integrate your dApp with one or both of the Arcana SDKs as per your use case.

Arcana Storage SDK requires EIP-1193 standard Ethereum provider interface for securely signing any storage operation-related blockchain transactions. This provider is obtained through the Arcana Auth SDK integration.

Storage SDK is flexible in terms of using any standard Ethereum provider interface. It **also works** with the following [third-party wallet providers](use3pwallet) such as: