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Are you looking to quickly build Web3 applications or dApps?

Does your dApp require:

Look no further.

Welcome to Arcana!

Arcana Network is an EVM-compatible platform for Web3 developers. It offers three key components that can help you quickly build privacy-preserving applications and easily onboard users:

  1. Arcana Developer Dashboard - Used by developers to register dApp, and configure the Arcana SDKs usage before integrating one or more SDKs with their dApp.
  2. Auth SDK - Enables social authentication and signing of blockchain transactions in a dApp via embedded Arcana Web3 wallet.
  3. Storage SDK - Enables dApp user data privacy and access control.

Let's begin!


🌱 New to Web3 - Start here with the basics. Also, check out video tutorials in the Arcana Academy.


🧑‍💻 Web3 Developers - Use the Quick Start Guide and integrate dApps with Arcana right away. Also checkout code samples and resources in the SDK Documentation Section section.